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Michael Oliver has been the visionary behind Purpose Companies since founding the company in 2021. Guided by integrity and a servant heart, Michael built this collection of real estate companies to positively impact lives by creating quality, sustainable communities for residents, wealth preservation, and cash flow for investors.


Michael has 15 years of experience starting and managing businesses in many different industries before beginning full-time in real estate. His expertise includes creating national brands with USA-based and international-based manufacturers and employing grassroots marketing strategies to take products from concept to market. Michael also has experience managing local businesses with the Columbus MSA, including a dry cleaning business,  trucking company,  construction company,  and multiple short-term rentals. After roughly 100 transactions in the single-family space, Michael began property development through several land entitlement and single-family development projects. Through the success of these projects, Michael discovered that a strategy built around acquiring undervalued investment property through creative problem solving, serving investors and partners, and meticulous project management would be his recipe for success. Today, Michael is eager to expand on his track record of success after vastly increasing his knowledge, network, and capabilities through consistent pursuit of education and aligning himself with some of the most experienced experts in the Multifamily and Business World.


Michael is a father of four, an avid traveler (visiting over 16 countries). His passions include health & wellness coaching, real estate coaching, and serving the community through the support of non-profits and mentorship of at-risk youth.


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