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Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver is a developer and investor who has found growth and success in real estate by leveraging over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. In 2016, Michael began his full-time career in real estate after stepping in to prevent the tax foreclosure of his late grandmother's estate. From this experience, Michael created Principle Property Solutions, a marketing firm locating and acquiring an interest in off-market distressed properties, Principle Homes, a residential real estate investment and development company, and Legacy Construction & Trucking, a construction company located in Central, Ohio. Michael grew this vertically integrated operation to employ 13 people and complete roughly 100 profitable real estate transactions, including 30 development projects.


In 2020, Michael's unwavering passion for real estate and unique ability to identify and unlock value within the most complex real estate transactions led him to found Purpose Companies and Purpose Equity Partners. With the start of these companies, Michael has transitioned to focus on large multifamily and land development projects in Central, Ohio. With a portfolio of successful projects that have produced consistent outsized investor returns, this shift into commercial real estate allows Michael to continue his excellent track record and use his wealth of knowledge as a trusted advisor to investors seeking to achieve financial stability or grow long-term wealth through real estate.

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Michael's entrepreneurship experience dates back to 2003 when after earning a scholarship to The Ohio State University he decided against college, opting instead to start his first business right after high school. Today, he is a coach and mentor to young entrepreneurs and at-risk youth. His passions include personal development and continuing his real estate education. Michael is also an advocate for economic equality, diversity in commercial real estate, and affordable housing.

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