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Legal Counsel

Greg Dickerson

Greg is a serial entrepreneur, real estate developer, coach, and mentor. He has bought, developed, and sold over $250 million in real estate, built and renovated hundreds of custom homes and commercial buildings, developed residential and mixed-use subdivisions and started 12 different companies from the ground up. 

As an expert on entrepreneurship, leadership, and real estate, Greg advises daily on all significant decision-making within every business area to assist Purpose Companies in achieving ground-up development, asset management, and overall business growth and success.

Greg coaches and mentors some of the top entrepreneurs and real estate investors worldwide, helping them start, grow,

and scale their business, raise more capital, and do bigger deals. Greg's current clients have over $2 billion in AUM and deals in the process.

Greg served in the United States Navy right out of high school and has always been a leader in the community as well as supporting, advising, and serving on the boards of several churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations. 



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